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OMSG Shot Blast Machines



  • Continuous Pass-Through Rotary Style Machine

  • Designed for Inline Blasting Operations

  • Especially Suited for Small Fragile Work pieces

  • Continuously Variable Pass-Through Speed

  • Patented Internal Drum/Belt System

  • Flat Floor Installation No Pits

The Rotoflow series of machines is a continuous pass through rotary style machine for the blasting of small to medium sized work pieces.   Work pieces with overall dimensions and weight not exceeding the specifications can be blasted in continuous operation.  A tubular vibrating conveyor feeds a patented internal rubber belt system that gently tumbles and conveys the work pieces beneath the blast wheels avoiding clustering or tangling of the work pieces.  After blasting, trapped abrasive is recovered by passing the work pieces through a screened rotary drum section.  This machine is especially suited for blasting fragile work pieces requiring cosmetic finishes.   The machine is designed to allow for installation on a flat floor, not requiring any pits or pockets.


All OMSG shot blast machines include an integral abrasive recovery and cleaning system.  After passing through the blast wheel, the abrasive is collected, separated from the resulting dust and other contaminants, and then stored in a hopper, ready for reuse.  Collected contaminants are stored in a separate hopper for periodic disposal.


All machines utilize replaceable highly wear resistant materials in critical locations.  All machine control systems are pre-piped and pre-wired.  All machine dust exhaust ports are pre-piped to a central collection point, ready to be connected to an external dust collector or optionally, a fully integrated dry cartridge type dust collector can be provided.




Maximum Work Piece Envelope Dimension

Maximum Work Piece Weight

Number of Blast Wheels


8.7 in

220 mm

17.6 lbs

8 kg



13.8 in

350 mm

17.6 lbs

8 kg