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Reconditioned & Used Equipment For Sale


Factory Reconditioning Services

  • Pre-evaluation for Qualifying Donor Machines

  • Dismantled and Fully Inspected

  • Excessively Worn or Non-repairable Parts are Replaced

  • Reassembled to Original OEM Specifications

  • Thoroughly Tested

  • Delivered with 6 Month New Machine Warranty

All BMM Weston molding machines accepted into our reconditioning program are subjected to a rigorous multi-stage reconditioning process.






Stage 1

Before purchasing a used machine, an on-site inspection of the machine is performed to determine the overall machine condition and to inspect for any obvious problems.  The serial numbers are recorded and checked against our master files to determine the history of the machine.  Original build date, ownership, spare part and service history are all evaluated prior to accepting the machine for reconditioning. 






Stage 2

Once accepted, the machine is shipped to our factory.  The machine is steam cleaned and then totally dismantled, carefully examining each part as it is removed.  Any part found to be broken beyond repair or to have excessive wear is discarded and replaced with a new part.









Stage 3

After replacement of all discarded parts, the machine is reassembled using the same procedures and checks that are utilized for building new machines.  Each machine is carefully checked and thoroughly tested to ensure that all functions are performing to factory specifications.  Upon passing this examination, the machine is painted and prepared for shipment.