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PHJ Range

  • Noise Controlled Anvil Jolt

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Squeeze

  • Louvered Sand Hopper with High Intensity Aerator

  • Accurate Centerline Draw Mechanism

  • Pattern Spray System

  • Optional Pattern Shuttle and Rapid Pattern Change System

  • PLC Based Control System

  • Automatic Lubrication

The PHJ range of machines are a 4-column, shuttle head style design that utilizes a low frequency, long stroke anvil jolt for pre-compaction of the mold.  Final compaction is by high pressure hydraulic squeeze.  This machine is available with a pattern shuttle for the alternate production of cope and drag molds and a rapid pattern change system.  This fully automatic machine is supplied with a PLC based electrical control system.  The squeeze and draw  functions are hydraulically powered and the remaining functions are pneumatically powered.

Intended for integration into fully automatic molding lines, the data shown below is representative of previously constructed machines.  Each machine model can be customized to meet specific application requirements.



Technical Data


PHJ 2500 PHJ 4500 PHJ 9000

Jolt Capacity*

2,500 lbs

1,134 kg

4,500 lbs

2,041 kg

9,000 lbs

4,082 kg

Squeeze Force*

130,000 lbs

58,967 kg

200,000 lbs

90,718 kg

360,000 lbs

163,293 kg

Squeeze Stroke

7-5/8 in

194 mm

8-5/8 in

219 mm

18 in

457 mm

Pattern Draw**

16 in

406 mm

16 in

406 mm

24 in

610 mm

Table Size**

42 x 24-1/4 in

1,067 x 616 mm

47 x 27 in

1,194 x 686 mm

50 x 72.0 in

1,270 x 1,829 mm

Net Weight

22,500 lbs

10,206 kg

27,000 lbs

12,247 kg

50,000 lbs

22,680 kg

 * Jolt capacity and squeeze forces calculated at 90 psi (6.2 bar).

** Alternative table sizes, daylight openings and draw strokes available upon request.      


BMM Weston reserves the right to alter specifications contained in the above tables without prior notice.